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A full treatment generally lasts 50 mins to 1 hour with extra time on either side for discussion and relaxation. A foot soak is available if you are unable to wash your feet before you arrive (please ask for this). A full consultation is taken beforehand to ensure a safe and appropriate treatment is given.

Typical Reflexology Session  #01

Treatments are carried out lying down on a treatment couch and the environment is made as relaxing as possible. Each treatment is tailored to the individual and can be stimulating or relaxing, gentle or firm and is not ticklish as some people fear. You may feel a little sleepy during your sessions but generally afterwards you will notice an improvement in your sense of well-being. At the end of the session, after care advice is given and arrangements can be made for follow up sessions if the client wishes to have a treatment course.

How many treatments will I need?
This depends on the client's needs. Some clients choose a 'one off' treatment for general relaxation whilst those with more complex needs such as high stress levels or frequent headaches may decide to have a course. This is usually one treatment every week or fortnight for about 6 sessions by which time the client will notice benefits if reflexology is going to work for them. However the ultimate decision is always with the client and I prefer to encourage clients to listen to their own bodies and the response they get from a treatment and this way they usually determine their own treatment pattern.

Typical Reflexology Session  #02

Taster session
This is available to anyone who would like to try out some reflexology without making the commitment to a full session. The appointment is about 45 minutes duration and during that time there is the opportunity to find out all about reflexology and how it may work for you and to have a short treatment of about 20 minutes.

Children and teenagers are most welcome and often really relax well during reflexology. The sessions tend to be shorter than for adults (30 minutes) and for children 16 and under the parent must remain in the treatment room for the duration. It can be a great way of helping older children and teenagers relax before exams.


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