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Reflexology is a complementary therapy which involves massage and pressure applied to different areas of the foot which are thought to mirror different parts of the body. One of the original theories behind reflexology is that pressing a certain point on the foot may create a response in the corresponding part of the body. This could be either through a nervous system response or, as in traditional Chinese medicene, through an 'energy pathway' response.

A more widely accepted view is that reflexology encourages the relaxation response to take over from the stress response. This in turn encourages the body and mind to become more balanced and therefore physical and emotional tension is often greatly reduced. General responses to relaxation can include improved circulation, a lowered pulse and blood pressure, reduced pain, more balanced hormones and chemicals, deeper and more even breathing patterns and a calmer digestion. In fact all our bodily systems start to function more healthily when we are relaxed and it is hoped that these improvements will last some time after a treatment as well, leaving a client with a longer lasting sense of improved well being.

Reflexology is suitable for people of all ages, including children, the elderly and for women during pregnancy. A lot of people turn to reflexology because they have a health problem which is stress related and find that the relaxing effects of the treatment help their ailments improve.
It is rare that a client cannot have a treatment and this would only be in extreme cases such as acute infection or a serious leg or foot problem. Other conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy and early stages of pregnancy require caution when treating.

Feedback from clients suggests that those who experience certain ailments such as digestive and hormonal imbalances, general aches and pains (including foot pain), low mood/energy levels, stress and tension, anxiety, sleep problems and headaches, feel better following their treatment course. More often than not, the improvements are maintained with certain lifestyle changes.
Importantly you don't have to have any health problems to enjoy and benefit from reflexology and if you are healthy, regular sessions will help you to keep you that way!

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